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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Video Hosting comparisions

As I mentioned in my earlier Vodcast, numerous video hosting websites exist, all with their pros and cons. The following websites offer both revies and comparisions of some of these sites, but not nearly all of them.

The links reviews and comparisions of various video sharing websites

Some of these sites offer ease of use, some better video quality, others better audio quality. Some are better simply because of their name recognition (YouTube). It will be interesting to see exactly how video hosting sites like this grow, adapt, and make their way into educational settings in the future.

More on blogs

I found a few good websites that focus on using blogs in school, at a variety of levels:

Everything listed on these and similar pages will be wonderful if/when school systems allow access to blogs. During Seminar when we were required to read/submit to a blog, access to the site was blocked. I contacted the Web Administrator for the county and had the page unblocked. Unfortunatey, that only gave me access the the blog's homepage, and none of the comments of ability to comment myself.

School systems have a ways to go before they have a good grasp on blogs, and how to use them even if many of their teachers already do.

Another look at Wikis

After playing around with and using my Wikispace for the telecollaborative project I put together, I decided to search a bit more for other uses of Wikis in the educational setting The following link is a wonderful resource (and a Wiki) for how teachers of all levels can incorporate Wikis into their classrooms.

Throughout the blog in this next link is research and ideas on uses of Wikis in educational settings that are worth checking out.

In looking for information on Wikis online, I have found that most of what I find comes from either Blogs or Wikis, which is interesting. Information on how to use, or the best uses of Web2.0 technologies are often coming from within Web2.0, furthering the "anybody can be an expert" allure of Web2.0 and it's technologies.

Saturday, August 4, 2007


Without further adieu, here is the highly anticipated 3rd video on my series detailing Web2.0 technologies!

To view the wildly popular presidential debate and Star Wars Kid(and all variations of) videos referenced in the proceeding video, scroll down below the helpful links in this blog.

This is YouTube's support website

YouTube tutorial sites and blogs, including a tutorial video posted on YouTube

CNN/YouTube Presidential Debates
Democratic Debate Recap:
Republican Debate Page

Star Wars Kid

What is Web2.0?